How I Almost Lost My 6 Years Marriage To A Village Girl...

No, she wasn’t our house help...

Hi, My name is Felicia



I really don’t know how you found this page but one thing is certain, if you read till the end you just might be helping a broken or about to be broken home/marriage. 

My marriage was the talk of the town in 2009 in Lagos around Gbagada area. It featured on Bella naija and top Nigerian blogs as well. 

My husband, a young and very cute well-to-do man, an every lady's man. 

Our wedding was not just blissful, the marriage itself was just so awesome and glamorous, even my friends wished they were me. 

3 years into our marriage was still blissful until the 4th year when changes started happening. It started with hubby keeping so extra late before coming home to the point of not eating my own food at home anymore. 

Things started falling apart and like those normal nollywood film, it seems village people were at me already. 

My dear, most times in life we just keep fighting the wrong battle. 

I went spiritual, fasted, prayed, did so many things not until the day I was opportune to see a WhatsApp chat on my husband’s phone. 

No, it wasn’t with a girlfriend or he was cheating...

The past 5 months chat with his mum has been on how he should get another lady that will conceive a child for him. 

I WAS DOWN! I felt like oxygen stopped flowing in me immediately. 

To think that everything I’ve tried just to conceive, even if I had a miscarriage after conception, I don’t even mind, was futile. 

I’ve tried so many things. Seen different doctors, done various tests and all that...

Seriously, I HAD GIVEN UP!

2 years ago if someone told me I’d be a proud mum, I bet you I’d almost engage in a fight cos such discussion made me feel I'm been mocked at, all Hope was lost already. 

Even my husband had already started seeing the lady that was brought by his mum to conceive for him. Her reason was reasonable tho and I just couldn’t fight it even when I tried. 

She (my husband Mum) wanted someone that would inherit my husband’s wealth as he was the only son and only child of hers before he lost his own dad. 

Nothing beats a woman down than sharing his hubby with someone else. 

Like I said, I’ve already given up thinking I was barren already but the break happens,...

I attended an event in Owerri, it was a business seminar. That was where I met my breakthrough. 


This life ehn! 


After the seminar, where we were networking was when a woman in her 50s called me out and said, she felt I wasn’t happy and would like to know what my plights are. 

I hate disclosing the fact that my marriage is about to be shattered. This wasn’t my marriage dream at all... anyways I told her and immediately she recommended her doctor friend and told me to speak with him. 


She shared some testimonials which I will also show you; that was what her doctor friend recommends for people and have helped over 475 people... hmmmmmm. 

I was still in doubt, this woman don’t know how far I’ve gone on this ish. 

When I got to Lagos, 4 weeks past, I didn’t even remember to contact the man. On the 5th week I gave him a call... we talked and talked and he prescribed this same solution to me. 

I took it as he said, got 4 bottles, taking one at morning and one at night. Beauty of this is it’s 100% Herbal. 

3 months later I couldn’t see my period,  hmmm I was scared and happy at the same time... 

But I needed to confirm what was happening, all thesame. 

Went for a test and my doctor said I’m 2 weeks in. Wait, is this a sort of a joke or what. 

I couldn’t  explain what happened other than I bursted into serious tears.



See some of the testimonials Mrs Chinwe, the woman I met at the seminar shared.  

You'll see more testimonials on the next page as you proceed

Here’s me and my bouncing baby. 

She's all GROWN now!!!!!! :)

For the other lady my mother in-law brought? Hmmmm. Make I no even go there. She’s back to her base anyways. 

There’s nothing as great as having your own baby....

That is why I allowed this company to use my story as example to reach out to so many women/men having this same challenge. Truth is, this company don’t produce much of this. In fact when I got mine, that was the last batch they had that year. 

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The normal dosage is for you to use 4 packs and most times people have already taken-in before exhausting the 4. 

It’s advisable to get for your hubby too (they have for men too) cos the men also need to treat themsleves. We can't tell if infections is also coming from them, which is not always visible. 

What I did was got 2 packs for my hubby and I got 4. Ended up using 3 and half till conception. 

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According to the company producing this product, they said after this set gets exhausted, it might be till another 3 months before they produce cos their raw materials are extremely scarce hence its effectiveness and it’s Nafdac certified

You can even get it and gift to friends and families you know have been looking for issue. They will be forever indebted to you. 

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To your best success. I wish you all the best.

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